What is a K-pop Sasaeng? – 3 Creepy Examples of Crazy Fan Encounters

what is a kpop sasaeng?

What is a K-pop sasaeng, and what are their motives? Who are they, and where did they originate?

These questions might be bothering you, but we will be answering them in this article.

Before we do that, though, we need to remind you that the acts defined or mentioned in this post reflect horrible behaviors from unpleasant fans.

Therefore, we advise you to refrain from replicating any of these actions. Continue to be a K-pop fan who respects and honors a K-pop Idol’s private life. 

This article will answer the question, “What is a K-pop Sasaeng” and everything you need to know about this horrendous breed of fans.

So, What is a K-pop Sasaeng?

A K-pop sasaeng is an absurdly obsessed “fan” of a K-pop group. They dedicate their lives to harassing and stalking a K-pop Idol.

These harassments range from plainly following the Idol around to the extremes like entering their dormitories without permission. 

Sasaeng (pronounced as sa-seng) fans will do anything they can to get noticed by their Idols. These selfish acts would inevitably hurt the K-pop idol physically, emotionally, or psychologically.

For example, here is a list of some of the many horrible things that sasaeng fans do to K-pop Idols:

  • Acquiring their personal information and selling them to the public
  • Stalking them wherever they go
  • Trespassing their dormitories or houses
  • Sending them disgusting “gifts.”
  • Attempting to kidnap them
  • Grabbing them at airports
  • Sexually harassing the Idols

Why are Sasaeng Fans a Problem?

fans crowding K-pop idol on airport
fans crowding K-pop Idols on the airport

The most obvious answer is that sasaeng fans inflict significant damages on K-pop Idols. They traumatize them with “psychotic” behaviors, which is bad for the well-being of the victims.

It may eventually come to a point where K-pop Idols would get hurt physically and suffer from serious injuries.

These are situations where sasaengs commit borderline criminal acts to justify their cause.

However, the worst part of all is that they don’t even comprehend the negative results of their actions.

According to an old article by Yahoo! Singapore in 2012, “Korean managers have revealed that popular stars have between 500 to 1,000 sasaeng fans. On any given day, the stars have at least 100 full-time stalkers on their heels.”

As I’ve said in my post about what a K-pop stan is, sasaengs are the disgrace of the entire K-pop industry and a problem that immediately needs resolving.

Where did Sasaeng Fans Originate?

Crazy and obsessed fans have been around for as long as pop culture has existed. They lurk in the darkest parts of a fandom waiting patiently for their time to strike.

But in the case of K-pop sasaengs, funny enough, they started as simple fans of the genre.

Like other respectable K-pop stans, they enjoyed the music and loved the performances.

Eventually, they decided they wanted more and demanded their Idols’ attention by excessive means.

Their evolution into a despicable being emphasized the fact that there is a fine line between admiration and obsession in the world of K-pop.

Real-life Sasaeng Stories

1. TWICE Nayeon’s Foreign Stalker

Nayeon's stalker named Josh
from YoshTG’s Youtube video

One of the most recent incidents of a sasaeng fan is Nayeon’s German stalker. The said stalker, who goes by Josh1994, expressed his “love” for the K-pop star through his Twitter and YouTube accounts.

He said multiple times that he plans to meet Nayeon and talk to her personally. The stalker also claims he just wanted to “make her happy” and give her gifts.

But despite JYP Entertainment’s firm warnings, Josh1994 continued with his plans and even got on a plane in an attempt to approach Nayeon on a flight from Tokyo to Seoul.

His wicked schemes did not stop there. He also leaked TWICE Chaeyoung’s phone number prompting the Idol to express her dismay about the incident on TWICE’s official Instagram account.

TWICE Chaeyoung's Instagram post about the stalker who leaked her phone numer
Chaeyoung’s Instagram Post


I had hoped I wouldn’t have to say anything, but I cannot wait for you to back off anymore — I have reached my limit.

Those 11 digits didn’t have to mean anything. But when an inconsiderate and disrespectful person posted it online, my phone exploded with phones and text messages. I don’t have to go through this, but I have been put through it against my will. And this problem goes for all my beloved teammates, agency staff, and other idols too.

Please think about how these actions, which you call love and attention, become so exhausting, nerve-wrecking, and distressing for everyone else. And please stop comparing your pretentious ways to how real fans express their interest, support, and love the right and healthy way.

Know that I am not the type to get easily shaken up by these things. This is not me dashing out in anger. I am actually letting you know loud and clear that what you are doing is wrong. You should be ashamed.

2. Heechul and Leeteuk Car Accident

Super Junior Heechul and Leeteuk
Super Junior Members: Heechul (left) & Leeteuk (right)

Kim Heechul is no stranger to car accidents. In 2006, he got in a major car accident due to a tire malfunction. It resulted in fractures on his leg and injuries to his tongue.

But in 2011, during Super Junior’s visit to Singapore for their concert, Super Show 3, Heechul, together with his bandmate Leeteuk, got into a minor car accident once again.

It happened because their car was chased around by sasaeng fans wanting to see them.

As a result, the duo tried to evade their pursuers resulting in a “Fast & Furious” situation.

Luckily, nothing serious happened to both Heechul and Leeteuk after the incident.

3. Chasing BTS Members

Sasaeng fans chasing BTS members
Sasaeng fans chasing BTS members

Some BTS members took a break from filming in a coffee shop on a fine afternoon in Sweden. After a while, the cafe was flocked by sasaeng fans waiting for the members while watching them outside.

Having witnessed this, some staff members reprimanded them and asked them to leave the members in peace.

However, instead of walking away, they just pretended to and started to chase BTS the moment they left.

Fortunately, though, the BTS members fled the scene scot-free. Although, this moment will forever leave some kind of trauma towards the K-pop Idols.

Respect K-pop Idols’ Privacy

Just like how you want other people to respect your privacy, K-pop Idols have the right to demand respect for their own.

After all, they are human beings like us, albeit more talented and gorgeous; they require basic human needs just as much as we do.

So if you’re a K-pop stan of a particular group, it’s not only important to honor their rights as human beings.

You should also fight for them and defend them against sasaengs plaguing the K-pop community.

There are simple things you can do to help. Some of them would be reporting sasaeng behaviors directly to Korean Entertainment agencies, helping get rid of information leaks, reprimanding fans with sasaeng-like manners online, etc.

Comment below what you think are the worst sasaeng fan incidents you know!

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