What is a K-pop Lightstick? – The Ultimate Guide To Lightsticks in K-pop

what is a k-pop lightstick

The K-pop Lightstick is very popular nowadays among casual and die-hard K-pop stans.

But to an average person, this might be an unusual and completely new idea. 

If you’re a total beginner in the world of K-pop, you may be curious about what a K-pop Lightstick is and how it became so desired among K-pop fans. 

When you ask your parents, they might be familiar with a concert ornament similar to how we use a K-pop Lightstick today. 

They call them “glow sticks,” which were frequently used in concerts back in the day. 

But our focus now is to educate you and answer the question of “what is a K-pop Lightstick?” 

Where did it originate, and what does a K-pop Lightstick mean in the community as a whole. 

Also, is it worth it to purchase one to support your favorite K-pop group?

So without further ado, let’s answer the main question:

What is a K-pop Lightstick?

In simple terms, a K-pop Lightstick is a device that illuminates the color of a group. K-pop fans use them on live K-pop performances, especially at concerts. 

Imagine an item with a plastic handle and a more stylish flashlight. Fans use it to show their unending love and support towards their favorite K-pop group.

They wave their lightsticks back and forth in a synchronized manner to show the fandoms’ unity and boast their groups’ colors simultaneously. 

Lightsticks offer the fans a sense of pride, knowing that they support the best artists. 

Other people may think that these machines are just L.E.D. sticks powered by triple-A batteries that have Bluetooth connectivity.

But to K-pop fans, it is so much more. 

The Origins of K-pop Lightsticks

There were no lightsticks on the horizon at the beginning of K-pop, referring way back to the first generation. 

K-pop fans would identify themselves among the crowd by using balloons, raincoats, glow sticks, etc., with their groups’ representative colors. 

It was pretty and valuable enough that early K-pop fans became happy and satisfied.  

But, many years later, one talented K-pop artist came to the scene and changed everything. 

Like the trendsetter he always was, Kwon Ji-Yong, most famously known by his stage name, G-Dragon, designed the first-ever K-pop Lightstick for his group BIGBANG and their fandom V.I.P.

His initial thought on making a lightstick was for their fans to stand out more, helping them identify their fans effortlessly.

Little did he know that the other K-pop companies would soon follow suit. 

Hence, K-pop Lightsticks nowadays come in various shapes and sizes. 

The first-ever K-pop Lightstick in history designed by G-Dragon was called the Bang Bong or Crown Lightstick. 

"bang bong" BIGBANG's official K-pop Lightstick
“Bang Bong” BIGBANG’s Official Lightstick

As the name suggests, the lightstick has a crown design with a B emblem. 

This design has stood the test of time, and we’re sure all of the V.I.P’s worldwide are extremely happy and proud of their lightstick. 

What is the Importance of a Lightstick?

k-pop lightsticks of BTS, EXO, and BLACKPINK

Here is a list of some importance of a K-pop Lightstick:

  • Helps create amazing Lightsticks Ocean at concerts
  • Unique identifier of a fandom
  • Represents the unity and impact of a K-pop fandom
  • A way to show your love and support towards your favorite Idols
  • The uniqueness of every lightstick shows the appreciation of the groups to their fans.

What is the K-pop Lightsticks Ocean?

K-pop Lightsticks ocean in a stadium concert

If you’re a K-pop fan, one of your bucket list wishes is to be a part of the Lightsticks Ocean. 

The Ocean of Lightsticks happens when thousands of fans in attendance wave their lightsticks in the dark during a concert. 

Therefore, this results in an “ocean-like” view of lights. 

The light from the Lightsticks illuminates the venue with a ticking gleam of the group’s official color. 

This “ocean” is a unique aspect of the K-pop fandom culture. 

Is It Worth it to Buy a K-pop Lightstick?

K-pop lightsticks of EXO, Red Velvet, and TWICE

At this point, we hope that we’ve given you all the guidance you need to make an informed decision about buying a K-pop Lightstick. 

But for your sake, we have compiled some pros and cons of buying a K-pop Lightstick. 


Having a souvenir 

K-pop Lightsticks are tangible memorabilia that will help you remember the good old days when you have become older. 

Fandom representation at events 

When you’re at an event, proudly waving a lightstick around to show your support to your favorite group is one of the best feelings in the world.

Happiness as a fan 

The most simple yet most rewarding benefit of buying a K-pop Lightstick is the happiness you will gain from it.

You are directly supporting the group.

Although it is not the only way to support the Idols you love, it is undoubtedly a direct way of repaying them for their efforts and sacrifices.



The most apparent downside when considering buying a K-pop Lightstick is the price. 

K-pop Lightsticks are not cheap, and there are still many ways to support your Idols without spending anything. 

No other use aside from events or concerts 

K-pop Lightsticks are great tools when participating in shows.

However, there is no good use of them aside from being a glorified flashlight in the dark. 

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K-pop gods Have Mercy upon us!

As K-pop fans, we often measure our successes by the number of merchandise or albums.

Because of that, we forget why we became a K-pop stan in the first place.

It’s okay to have numerous merch and albums, as long as we stay true to the essence of being a K-pop fan. 

We’re sick and tired of immature fans squabbling about who has superior sales and merch and all that. 

Finally, see you at the following K-pop guide!

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