What Does Bias Mean in K-pop? – Everything You Need to Know!

TWICE Dahyun, BTS Suga, and WINNER Mino

What does bias mean in K-pop? And how do I pick my own? 

Before answering those questions, imagine this scene first and see if you can relate.

You’re into K-pop lately, and you can feel the rush of emotions. The chilling sound of a K-pop Idol’s angelic voice vibrating through your ears. 

The mesmerizing choreography on their every performance moves you. The fantastic personality reflected upon the Idol’s day-to-day interactions with fans. 

Ahh, it all feels so surreal. 

But, after these initial emotions, when you’re beginning on your K-pop journey, it ultimately will lead to the point of curiosity. 

K-pop is all the rage nowadays, especially when browsing your social media accounts. 

You see K-pop stans on the internet talking about “my bias in TWICE is Dahyun,” “yeah, he’s my bias in BTS,” “I love Jennie so much she’s my bias in Blackpink.” 

So to help you, this article will talk about the concept of “bias” in K-pop.

We will answer your question of “what does bias mean in K-pop” comprehensively. 

On top of that, we’re also going to discuss everything you need to know about the infamous “bias wrecker.” 

We will also be guiding you on how to choose your very own K-pop bias! Are you ready? Well, without further ado, let’s answer your question first.

What is a K-pop Bias?

In simpler terms, a K-pop Bias is your favorite member of the group. The person who always catches your attention and is also the member dear to your heart. 

The concept of “bias” has been widely known and accepted within the K-pop community. 

Fans derived the term from the original way of showing or feeling any inclination towards a person or group. 

But, there are nuances to the meaning of the word “bias” for many K-pop stans. Over time, the term has meant a bit different for others. 

Some K-pop stans treat their biases like a romantic partner. While for some, they are the member who mainly just stands out within the group. 

And for other people, it is the person they have become fond of after a long time.

However, it is worth noting that having a bias does not mean you have to love the other group members any less. 

It is not cool to discredit the other members’ efforts just because they are not your bias in the group. 

What does bias wrecker mean in K-pop? 

A bias wrecker is another member of the same group that forces you to reconsider your decisions and ultimately makes you rethink your bias in the group. 

K-pop fans consider them a powerful force that “wrecks” your love and affection towards your bias. 

Bias wreckers do this by calling for that same attention towards themselves. 

They might do cute, funny, kind, and unique things that will drive you to re-evaluate your choices and make them your bias instead. 

To avoid these things and keep your bias list intact, you need to follow these tips diligently:

  • Beware of the winks
  • Watch out for the killer smiles
  • Do not get trapped by their aegyo
  • Do not get swayed by their acts of kindness
  • Always be prepared and alert 

Being bias-wrecked is not necessarily a bad thing. Being bias-wrecked just means that you love each member equally. 

Because of that, there will be times when you’ll end up focusing more on a particular member for the time being. 

meme about bias wreckers

What is an Ultimate Bias in K-pop?

An ultimate bias or “ult bias,” for short, is simply your number one bias among all your biases. They are your favorite person in all of K-pop.

It stretches out to all the groups you stan, whether boy or girl group. 

Your personal bias within one group may change, but your ult bias will last forever as long as you stan K-pop. 

Picking an ultimate bias is hard, and in our opinion, unnecessary. So don’t feel like you need to choose an ult bias just to blend in with other K-pop stans. 

How do I Choose My Bias?

ENHYPEN's Sunoo in suit

It might sound clichéd to say this but, “you don’t choose your bias; your bias chooses you.” 

There is absolutely no proven way for someone to determine their K-pop bias; it just happens. 

We find it saddening that some people try to force an Idol to be their bias. The correct way to choose a bias is to let them come to you instead. 

Having said all that, if you’re still one of those fans that are having a hard time choosing your K-pop bias, then you might find these guidelines helpful:

  • Get to know everything about the members and decide from there.
  • First impressions are essential.
  • Figure out your type (physically, stylistically, visually, etc.)
  • Find someone with whom you share a similar personality.
  • Just feel the vibes.

These are just guidelines to help you pick and not a secret trick to finding your bias quickly. 

Again, as we have said repeatedly, finding your bias entirely depends on you, and it is so much better to let it happen naturally. 

K-pop Biases are forever!

While knowing K-pop words isn’t a prerequisite for keeping up with your favorite stars, it might help you communicate with other K-pop fans.

Let me know who’s your bias, ultimate bias, and bias wreckers in the comments below! 

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