7 Best Tips on How to Dress Like a Korean Guy (Hint: It’s not that hard)

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K-pop male fashion is thriving, and we’re here for it.

Because in today’s day and age, Hallyu has seemingly taken over the world. 

But along with this global domination of K-pop music and performances is the undeniable influence of K-pop in the world of fashion. 

The K-pop world is full of visuals, and part of it is the costumes and outfits these Idols wear during schedules, concerts, and even in airports. 

So today, we’re going to break down the beautiful world of K-pop male fashion and everything you need to know.

What is Korean Male Fashion?

Korean Male Fashion is how men in South Korea dress stylishly. Trends often dictate the “styles” that they typically wear. 

Because unlike the rest of the world’s male population, it is usual for Korean men to dress well. 

The modern Korean culture establishes this concept of “visuals” and how to look good to abide by the accepted beauty standards.

Due to this, Korean men have known how to look effortlessly fashionable for years. 

The ultimate manifestations of “Korean Male Fashion” are the male Idols of K-pop.

Men in South Korea regard several K-pop boy group members as fashion trendsetters. 

How do guys dress like a K-pop Idol? 

Here are seven tips to help you dress like a K-pop Idol:

1. Less is More

BTS Taehyung in a fansign

Western media often overcomplicate how a celebrity should dress, while simplicity is the key in K-pop. 

You’ll often see your favorite K-pop idol sporting a simple white shirt and jeans with sunglasses in the middle of the day. 

And even if some wouldn’t like this approach, K-pop Idols always manage to be stunning in these outfits.

Try applying this simple concept, and you’ll spend less time thinking about what to wear.

2. Three Colors is The Maximum

jungkook wearing trendy male k-pop fashion

You should go for a maximum of three colors. Too many colors will look complicated and unpleasant to the eyes. 

Try and match two or three colors according to your taste. In addition, having a singular theme should always be your go-to. 

Don’t mix neutral colors with your pastel-colored shirts and vice versa. 

Most male Idols’ favorite color combination is black and white, with a little bit of gray or red. 

But it all varies according to one’s taste.

3. Going Casual Never Hurts

Jimin wearing trendy male k-pop fashion

Casual wear in the West is often limited to unplanned clothes and outfits for everyday use. 

But in K-pop, casual outfits mean wearing comfortable and loose clothes that fit the occasion. 

Stylish shirts and streetwear that are also comfy will benefit you more than flashy and uncomfortable clothes. 

How many times have you seen a K-pop Idol wearing an extremely complicated outfit daily? 

So the next time that you find yourself too immersed in thinking about what to wear, always remember, casual is usual.

4. Ripped Jeans are In (As Always)

Jin airport fashion

Reading this, you probably have known a long time that ripped jeans are the go-to of every K-pop male Idol there is. 

You may have seen airport photos of male Idols with ripped jeans, which is the norm. 

Ripped jeans have never been really out of trend. And as K-pop grows, so is K-pop artists’ fondness over these pants. 

Love them or hate them, this item will never go out of the list of outfits every K-pop Idol will have.

5. A Simple Coat Will Go a Long Way

Mino naked underneath a coat

Another usual trend in K-pop and Korea is trench coats, blazers, or jackets. 

This trend is partly due to the cold weather in Korea; thus, people wear them. 

But a stylish trench coat or blazer on your plain clothes is picture-perfect in K-pop’s fashion book and will surely be a head-turner. 

Pop in a coat or blazer when you feel that something is lacking next time, and your style points will multiply a hundredfold.

6. Pastel Colors are Your BFFs

Pastel colors may seem feminine, but if you’re looking for that K-pop look, it is a must-have in your outfit repertoire. 

Colors like pink or lavender are catchy and friendly to the eyes, so your presentation naturally will follow. 

The more pleasing you look, the better your overall appearance. That is why most K-pop Idols favor pastel colors nowadays.

7. Don’t dare forget about accessories 

As they say, accessories are what make an outfit. Fashion accessories that go along with your look are invaluable. 

These accessories may come with a practical function, but you choose them to complete your outfit’s overall style.

For example, watches, handbags, belts, and scarves are a staple of Korean men’s fashion. 

You can choose any combination to add spice and more depth to your overall aesthetic.

Who has the best fashion K-pop?

G-dragon on the left with stylish outfit and red hair and the right fashionista with chanel outfit

Millions of K-pop fans widely consider G-Dragon from BIGBANG as the individual with the best fashion in K-pop. 

He is and forever will be an undisputed fashion icon. 

G-Dragon is famous for pulling-off outfits that are seemingly out of this world. 

In addition, the K-pop star is not afraid to cross the barrier of gender. He manifested this several times when he wore a woman’s jumper, put on heavy eyeliner, and incorporated other feminine styles into his ensemble.

Because of this, he paved the way for other idols, male or female, to experiment with fashion. 

He inspired them to break away from the norm and express their creativity through attire. 

“Don’t be afraid. There’s no right answer in fashion.”


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Be Who You Are

Every decision you make about what to wear is subjective, and these are just simple guidelines for when you decide to go for that K-pop Idol look. 

It’s okay to follow your gut sometimes and wear what you want. 

The essential part of choosing an outfit is whether it expresses who you are and what you feel at the moment. 

Don’t take too long about deciding because you will be who you are at the end of the day. No amount of clothes will ever replace a good heart. 

Now go and make life your runway.

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