What is a K-pop Comeback? – A Complete Guide For Beginner Fans

what is a K-pop comeback?

What is a K-pop Comeback, and why is it so sought after by K-pop fans? 

Before we tackle those questions, there must be an answer to why K-pop is so in demand these days.

There are many reasons people are so addicted to K-pop Idols and K-pop in general. 

These reasons may include the Idols’ visuals, personality, jaw-dropping vocals, and synchronized choreography.

But maybe you just adore the random crackheads.

However, the most crucial reason is that fans love their music, plain and simple. 

The K-pop industry boasts a multitude of genres and musicality. Because of this, there will be something for everyone, whoever you are. 

And to release their music to the world, K-pop Idols undergo a “comeback.” 

The term comeback might be new information to beginner fans. So, we will answer what a K-pop comeback is for their sake. 

What is a K-pop Comeback?

A “comeback” is a word in K-pop that simply means a K-pop group is releasing new music or album. 

It means the group is “coming back” after a hiatus from recording and performing. 

But if you have just begun your K-pop journey, the idea of comebacks may be very confusing for you. 

You might be thinking, “but they never left; what do you mean they’re having a comeback?” 

This confusion might be due to comparing it to western “comebacks.” 

However, these types of comebacks are just a result of a celebrity coming back to fame after some time of irrelevance. 

What are K-pop Comeback Concepts?

ITZY's Girl Crush concept photo in WANNABE comeback
ITZY’s Girl Crush concept in WANNABE

K-pop comebacks typically come with a concept. These concepts help guide the song’s direction, performances, style, and outfits in shows.

Some of these K-pop comeback concepts include but are not limited to:

  • Cute concepts – TT by Twice and Rookie by Red Velvet
  • Girl Crush concepts – Kill This Love by Blackpink, and I AM THE BEST by 2NE1
  • High School concepts – Growl by EXO and Boy In Luv by BTS.
  • Dark concepts – Chase Me by Dreamcatcher and Voodoo doll by VIXX
  • Sexy concepts – Touch my body by SISTAR and Hush by miss A

But, there are more K-pop concepts out there. That’s what makes the industry so unique. 

Therefore, the fans will always get something new because of how diverse these concepts are. 

What is the K-pop Comeback Promotional Cycle?

Now that you learned what a K-pop Comeback is, we’ll proceed to talk about the K-pop Comeback Promotional Cycle.

A comeback promotional cycle is when a K-pop group systematically promotes its song or album

These are the specific events that K-pop groups and artists undergo to promote their music. 

A usual Comeback Promotional Cycle would look like this:

K-pop comeback promotional cycle
Comeback Promotional Cycle illustration

What are K-pop Music Shows?

K-pop Music Shows are where K-pop Idols promote their comeback songs (usually title tracks) and perform them live or pre-recorded on stage.

As you might see from the illustration above, performing on K-pop Music Shows is essential for every K-pop comeback. 

These Music Shows are the heart of the K-pop culture. Winning the first prize in these shows is one of the biggest goals of a K-pop artist.

Additionally, K-pop Music Shows are the primary source of the famous K-pop fancams that we know and love today. 

K-pop Idols also showcase their goofy and funny sides during an encore performance in a Music Show. 

They do this to celebrate a win with their respective fandom. So, overall, it’s a win-win for both Idols and fans. 

Here is the list of popular K-pop Music Shows:

  • SBS “Inkigayo” (Sunday)
  • SBS MTV “The Show” (Tuesday)
  • MBC Music “Show Champion” (Wednesday)
  • Mnet “M Countdown” (Thursday)
  • KBS “Music Bank” (Friday)
  • MBC “Show! Music Core” (Saturday)
K-pop comeback music shows

What are K-pop Variety Shows?

It’s always exciting to know that a K-pop group will appear on a Variety show.

K-pop Idols have fun because these Variety programs have a light atmosphere. 

After having a tiresome schedule, these shows are a much-needed “rest” for the Idols. 

Also, we get to witness these Idols’ funny and crackheaded sides, which is always a delight. 

Variety shows are also a gold mine of epic and hilarious moments. 

One example is Dahyun of TWICE screaming “Bibimbap!” angrily to JYP. 

TWICE Dahyun on Knowing Bros

Another good one is EXO Kai’s “inside the panties” debacle on Knowing Bros.

So if you’re a fan of K-pop wanting to watch or rewatch these moments, here are some of the best Variety shows that K-pop Idols appear on:

  • Knowing Bros
  • Running Man
  • Weekly Idol
  • Amazing Saturday
  • After School Club

Comebacks Galore

K-pop comebacks are simply every fan’s happiness.

We receive fresh releases from our beloved artists, and as a bonus, we also get new content and interactions from them.

Comebacks are like happy occasions for the fans. However, we must remember that these comebacks will include a demanding schedule for the Idols. 

So giving them extra time to catch their breath and have a little rest between releases is always a good thing.

After all, aren’t we happy if they’re happy?

See you in the next K-pop Guide! 

Tell us what your favorite K-pop Comeback of all time is in the comments below!

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