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The big 3 of K-pop
The Big 3 of K-pop: Who are They and Why Do You have to Know Them?
If you’re a new K-pop fan, you probably have heard of the phrase “Big 3 K-pop agencies” a lot.  It might be confusing for a brand new stan because there are so many Korean entertainment agencies nowadays....
buy korean clothes online
10 Best Stores to Buy Korean Clothes Online in 2022
Are you looking for the best Korean fashion store online to look stylish with a K-pop twist? Fret not because we are here to offer you a list of the best Korean fashion stores online where you can check...
kpop male fashion
7 Best Tips on How to Dress Like a Korean Guy (Hint: It's not that hard)
K-pop male fashion is thriving, and we’re here for it. Because in today’s day and age, Hallyu has seemingly taken over the world.  But along with this global domination of K-pop music and performances...
girl groups with 4 members feature
10 Best K-pop Girl Groups With 4 Members Of All Time
There are a lot of great K-pop Girl Groups with 4 members in the history of K-pop.  Some of them you may know already, while most of them have fallen into obscurity. Such is the harsh reality of K-pop. ...
what is a daesang
What is a Daesang? - K-pop's Most Coveted Prize
What is a Daesang? It’s a question that most beginner K-pop stans ask themselves when starting on their K-pop journey. So, we wrote this article to tell you everything you need to know about the most prestigious...
What is a Finger Heart
What is a Finger Heart? - Its History & Popularity Explained
So, you’re asking yourself, what is a finger heart, and why is it so popular nowadays among K-pop and Korean artists?  Well, for years, Asians have been known to display hand gestures when posing...
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